More Info On The Hyatt Vegas Promo Plus Some Cool Giveaways

I got a bit more info on how the Hyatt #MakeVegasYours promotions will work.  There will be weekly contests on the site.  Everyone is eligible to enter by posting your responses on your Facebook page or Twitter feed using the #MVYEntry.

There are also two giveaways Hyatt is sponsoring right now as part of this promo that are super easy to win.

For a chance to win 75,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points, enter this contest at View From The Wing by Saturday, July 19th.

Mommy Points has a $250 M Life gift card which is good at any MGM Resort in Las Vegas.  Again, this is simple to enter, just by commenting on the post above by Saturday, July 19th.

Good luck!


  1. Wow, everyone is eligible to enter?
    Have they changed their T&Cs? Last time I read it only legal residents of the US (and maybe Puerto Rico and Co, don’t remember it exactly) were eligible.
    So you say that Europeans are indeed eligible? Cool! I had already written it off …

    1. Ralfinho, good point and I did not verify that folks from outside the US are eligible. Not in a position to look right now but will later.

      1. Alright. From what I recall I think you are right aside from required US residency.
        This is often the reason I can’t make use of some promotions or enter some contest.

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