How Much Would You Pay To Have Access To ALL The Customer Data American Airlines Has?

It’s really the other way around. I got an e-mail from Suzanne Rubin, President of the AAdvantage program today, with some information about a job they’re hiring for that’s likely a dream job for some folks who follow along here:

I wanted to pass this info along in case some of your readers are interested in turning their passion for the AAdvantage program into a career. We are always looking for exceptional candidates that would also bring enthusiasm to their job. I’m guessing many of your readers fit the bill!

The job description is totally something I would love, if only I:

1. Didn’t have a day job that paid really well.

2. Knew how to spell SQL.

3. Wouldn’t end up with broken bones when I told my wife I was moving the family to Texas.

The full job description is here if you want to apply. Some of the details below:

This position will be responsible for supporting a strategic assessment of all elements of the AAdvantage frequent flyer program. Position will identify and recommend opportunities for changes to AAdvantage to enhance customer loyalty and drive incremental value to American through the elite program and through mileage earning/redeeming.

Position will be involved in innovative loyalty projects, including leveraging flight data, competitive data and customer data in order to design and implement AAdvantage program and product enhancements that strengthen AA’s relationship with customers. Position will perform sophisticated analyses using database software and tools; producing thoughtful, actionable insights from data analyses, and using those insights to develop and present appropriate loyalty strategies for the new American. Extensive cross-departmental collaboration with Revenue Management, IT, Marketing, and Finance as well as operational organizations will be required.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Resourceful, creative thinker; proactive in suggesting improvements and ideas
  • Ability to build consensus and achieve objectives in team environments 
  • Exceptional analytical and modeling skills required with an emphasis on problem solving 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills 
  • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, with attention to detail and changing priorities 
  • Comfort interfacing with all levels of management, within and outside of AAdvantage 
  • Ability to write SQL; ability to quickly learn new systems and databases – can mine large amounts of data for insights that form the strategy recommendations 
  • Previous loyalty marketing, CRM and/or customer behavior experience preferred


  1. I certainly do not qualify, what I think is exciting is they care enough to hire someone for this position. Does it mean they have been paying attention to all of the comments and bad direction other carriers have taken. For me, I choose not to fly Delta because of a bad rewards program, I thought United would be my clear carrier of choice until recently. Now I am focused on maintaining my USAir relationship to have a strong one when the program mergers are complete. From this post, I am hopeful I have chosen wisely.

    1. Leonard, I’ve thought for quite some time that the folks at American wore more well-equipped to build an airline that could be profitable and enjoyable from a customer perspective. Hoping these efforts are a step in that direction.

  2. Is there any info indicating that this is a new position? All the comments on the blogs seem to assume so, but I don’t. I think she’s just using this marketplace for recruiting, a smart move.

    But I could have missed something here…

    1. Colleen, can’t tell from the listing itself. But, I’d use any means necessary to find the right person for a job, so I think it’s a smart move, too.

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