Did You Win Free Drinks From One Of My Readers?

Thanks again to one of my readers for pledging his 10 United Airlines beverage vouchers to help his fellow travelers tolerate their next United Airlines flight just a bit easier.

WIth the help of Random.org, I’ve got 2 United Airlines beverage vouchers for the following 5 readers:

Terry, who said, “We need drinks to survive our SFO-CLE redeye in Y+. No UG hope for these 1Ks on an L fare. :(

As a 1K who sat in coach half the time last year, I feel your pain!

mrredskin: “I challenged to UA from DL so now I have awesome Silver status on two airlines in which I’ll earn crap next year. We’ll be flying on an E145 for our first leg of our *A Eurotrip in August (in which the wife is incredible nervous). Help me take the edge off of her (thus, me, in return) with a couple of drink coupons so I can get us a morning oj and vodka.”

Silver status=awesome.  Yup!

ncsam:  “Newark to Miami. I’ll probably need a drink after dealing with the AirTrain (or lack thereof).”

Newark.  Ack. Bleh.

Chanel:  “I am headed to Amsterdam on the 14th flying United out of JFK :)

First a free drink, then a “coffee house”.  😀

Candace:  “I am going to Orlando so I will need a drink to recuperate from a week if parks with my family and a week of 24/7 with my husband!”

I’m a big Disney fan, so I can only assume it’s your husband who’s the problem.  😛

Winners, shoot me an e-mail at -ed- at milepoint dot com.

Thanks to everyone for following along my little sliver of the internet!

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