Your Fellow Reader Wants To Buy You A Drink!

I received a note from one of my readers who I’ve known for quite some time after I had my most recent United Airlines beverage voucher giveaway.  He’s a very nice guy, and that’s illustrated in the fact that he’s given me 10 more beverage vouchers to give away.

I’ll give them away as 5 pairs, and all you have to do is leave me a comment letting me know where you’re headed and what flight you’d like a free drink on.  Extra points as always for making me laugh.

I’ll draw the winners sometime on Thursday, so leave your comments between now and 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 2nd.

A big thanks to my reader (who asked not to have his name mentioned) for keeping a few of my readers from going thirsty!


  1. I am going to Orlando so I will need a drink to recuperate from a week if parks with my family and a week of 24/7 with my husband!

  2. DH is headed back to Europe to visit his mother. So he needs two, especially since I booked him on United metal and not LH.

  3. Belize it or not, I will be in that country twice in July. 5 coupons might be enough to deaden the pain, or guilt, I endure. 🙂

  4. Central America bound. Can’t drink the water and antiseptic drink will be a great health benefit.

  5. I’m headed to Italy, via Newark. Dealing with Newark pretty much requires a drink. Sure would appreciate it!

  6. I am going to Dallas so I will need a drink or two to recuperate from 4 days with me and 3 teenage daughters!

  7. My wife and 6 yr old are going to the big Island in a week. Wife and I would love to toast to kicking off our first milage redemption of the year

  8. Off soon to San Diego. My friends house almost burned up in the last raging fires. Nothing to do with drinks, but sure could use one or two on the way!

  9. Off to LAS and returning via SAN on award tickets on United flight with the family; Drink coupons appreciated.

  10. I challenged to UA from DL so now I have awesome Silver status on two airlines in which I’ll earn crap next year. We’ll be flying on an E145 for our first leg of our *A Eurotrip in August (in which the wife is incredible nervous). Help me take the edge off of her (thus, me, in return) with a couple of drink coupons so I can get us a morning oj and vodka.

  11. Going to Vegas in August on UAL. Won’t need the vouchers on the way there, but might be too broke to pay for drinks coming home.

  12. Already did the family thing in Orlando (16 hours at the Magic Kingdom with 6 and 8 year olds!!!), but that ship has sailed. Luckily (????) I have a trip to SLC coming up on UA, which equals 3+ hours on a CR7. The closest I’ve come to an upgrade this year is #6 on the list DFW-ORD, so the drink chits will certainly come in handy, as I’m almost assuredly not getting any for free otherwise!

  13. Flying ORD -> SFO tomorrow after spending a couple days dealing with condo maintenance issues (oh the joys of being a landlord!).

  14. Newark to Miami. I’ll probably need a drink after dealing with the AirTrain (or lack thereof).

  15. I wish I had something like that to give away… I will need this on my VERY long flight to Tel Aviv with my 3 children this August (after they fall asleep it will help me do the same)

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