This Guy Really Lives On Airplanes. Really.

People always marvel at how much time I spend on airplanes.  My wife likes to tell people I live on airplanes.  But, this guy takes it to a whole new level.

Lives On Airplanes.

Thanks to my reader and good friend Justin for bringing this to my attention.

The project started back in the 90s, and involved quite a bit of work on the part of its owner.  He purchased an old Olympic Air 727 and transported it to Oregon to live in.  The wings and tail sections were removed in order for it to be transported to its final resting spot and there’s since been a bunch of work to essentially turn it into a studio apartment.  It has a working shower and bathroom as well as some kitchen appliances.

It doesn’t look like there have been any updates to the website for quite a while but the owner, Bruce, was interviewed by the Blaze recently, and still appears to be making an effort to get the plane full restored, buried deep in the woods.

Lives On Airplanes.

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It wouldn’t be my first choice of places to live (maybe a 787).  But, if I’m rolling through Oregon, I might stop by and contribute to the project.

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