US Airways MasterCard Has Another Targeted Spending Offer This Summer

The US Airways MasterCard has a 20% bonus targeted spending offer for the entire months of July and August on all categories:

Airways MasterCard


They also added an offer to rebate all foreign transaction fees for the months of July and August:

Airways MasterCard

I wouldn’t consider either of these earth-shattering, but the extra 20% on US Airways airline tickets is a nice plus.  And, I like earning 20% more while I’m trying to charge the necessary amount to earn the 5,000 PQMs.  By waiving the foreign exchange fee for the summer I can put some spend on it while I’m overseas.  Because this card normally charges a foreign transaction fee, it’s not one I keep in a normal rotation.  There are too many other cards that don’t charge this fee any longer.

The offer is targeted, but in the past when I’ve heard about these types of offers I’ve also heard of folks who were successful calling to see if they qualified for the offer.

I’ve carried the US Airways MasterCard for a couple years now.  I originally got it for the sign-up bonus, then this year I wanted it for the 5,000 PQMs I could earn which would hopefully turn into AAdvantage EQMs.  There are no guarantees on that, but I’m still holding out hope.

This card will no longer be taking new sign-ups at some point in 2015, and we already know that Dividend Miles will become AAdvantage miles.

Disclosure:  Yup, those are affiliate links.  I’ll try to duck while people throw tomatoes at me.  I only refer folks to cards that I carry in my wallet or am applying for.  I also do my best to use referral links that are only for the best offers currently on the market.


    1. Lea, do you only get a bonus on $2000 in spending or can you earn the 30% on any amounts over $2000?

  1. Am I reading this offer differently than you? Standard payout is 2x Points on US Airways Purchases, so 20% more would be 2.4% on airline tickets.

    This is not a 20% back offer. I am underwhelmed..

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