Awesome United Airlines Business Class Fare Sale To Europe

United Airlines is having something of an unpublished fare sale from the US to Europe for business class tickets.  The big plus here is that it’s essentially all summer long without a lot of restrictions.

Plenty of folks won’t want to spend up to $1500 a ticket (roughly the going rate with this sale), but considering these tickets are usually $3,000-$4,000 these fares represent a substantial discount.  And, more importantly, you’l likely spend at least $1,000 to buy a coach ticket to Europe.  So, it may not be much more, if any at all, to upgrade to business class.

View From The Wing has started a nice  list of places where you can exercise these fares.  Airports like Baltimore, San Jose, and Westchester, NY, all are what I would call “secondary cities”, not major hubs.  So, if  you live right near a hub, like I do living near Washington-Dulles, you might have to drive a bit further to an airport that qualifies for these lower fares.  A small price to pay for a solid night sleep in a lie-flat bed to Europe and some champagne and dinner on the way back.

Sales like this generally don’t last long.  This isn’t a classic “mistake fare”, but it’s low enough that it will be gone before you know it.

Happy hunting!

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    1. Gary, that’s certainly a nice plus, although I’m not sure I want to fly DL out of IAD. Wait, I’m sure. If only I saw any value in their loyalty program to go with the nice in-flight product.

    1. Joey, this is one of the reasons I miss living in NY. Lots of access to big airports. Thanks for all of the updates.

  1. Great for vacationers and mileage runners alike. At $1500 for ~18,000 miles, I booked a las-yyc-yyz-fco-fra-yyc run which should comfortably close out my AC SE again next year. With some well timed stop-overs I’m only away from YYC 26 hours.

    1. Not too shabby, Ryan. If I was hunting for UA 1K again, this would do the trick. Part of me says I should just do it, but that’s what I did last year and didn’t feel like I got a ton of value. Glad to see it takes care of SE for you!

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