My CVS Got Their Vanilla Reload Re-Program A Day Early

Or a couple days late depending on which memo they got.

At any rate, my CVS in Loudoun County, VA can no longer accept credit cards as a tender type for Vanilla Reloads.

You can see other geographical updates I’ve gotten here.

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  1. Gone in SC too – as of first thing this morning. The POS changes must have been made last night. According to the manager I spoke with,the largest problem has been with criminals who use fake credit cards to purchase the Vanilla reloads. From what i gleaned, the problem also includes issues with some CVS employees. He was really quite sympathetic about the whole situation. I know he is only one person, but he felt that if a customer is a regular and known to the manager, that there ought to be an override in place. But there’s not….so that is that.

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