United Upgrade, Anyone?

I just got done with giving away some Amazon gift cards, but I figured another giveaway was in order, especially considering the time-sensitive nature of it.  I have one United RPU (Regional Preferred Upgrade) and one GPU (Global Preferred Upgrade) that expire at the end of January.  That means the flight has to originate on or before January 31st.

Leave a comment here and I’ll select winners shortly.  Likely tonight or early tomorrow.

One comment per person.  And, you actually need to have a flight booked in the next 10 days so these can go to a good home.  As always, I’ll try to give one of these away randomly and find a comment that makes me laugh.

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  1. OMG what an awesome giveaway!!!!!!! PS If you emailed me re: Amazon gift card I never received it. Do I need to email you? Have a great day! 🙂

  2. I am travelling to India next week and GPU would be awesome to have. Thanks for all the advice you give through your posts.

  3. Wow, perfect. I’ve actually got a flight from SFO-BOS on Saturday to meet my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Would be nice to be a little less tired at the end of that flight!

  4. My wife is flying back from IAD to SFO on Wednesday and then SFO to JFK on United next week. So she would definitely be able to put the upgrades to good use!

    1. Biggles, sent you an e-mail. Please reply back by midnight tonight so we can try and apply an RPU to your reservation. If I don’t hear from you by then I’ll need to move on.

        1. Sorry for that. Do you have another e-mail address other than the live.com one? Or a handle on Milepoint?

  5. Ooh, RPU for my transcon travel next week.

    So do you know the difference between a unionized pilot and a jet engine?

    A jet engine stops whining soon after landing.

  6. I am flying United IAD to BOB 1/22-1/30. Would love an upgrade on these exceedingly long flights in which I am booked in Economy.

  7. Flying back form Lihue to SFO next week. My wife would love hers to be in first class. Enjoy the one concise topic per day on your site.

    1. We’re flying to Geneva next week and my wife would be happy if either of us got upgraded because it would save her from sitting next to me while I’m complaining about coach.

  8. Hi! I am doing my first RTW this coming weekend and my last leg is on UA is DEN to LAX. Saver wasn’t available so an RPU would be great! My other legs are SQ Suites to TK business to LH F from the First Class Terminal to DEN. Save my PizzaMan!

  9. My wife has a flight on the 30th to Vegas. I’m pretty sure if I don’t find a way to upgrade her she will make me fly home on Spirit or Allegiant.

  10. Just booked a milerun so that I can have enough miles to book LH F prior to the massive devaluation…
    Flying YYZ-EWR-SFO-PSP overnight turn booked into K. Would love to get some space to stretch for the transcont

    1. Moey, I already awarded the RPU. To use a GPU on your flight you’d need to be in W class or higher. Sorry. 🙁

        1. Moey, you’re right. I had it locked in my head that Canada was part of the W fare class restrictions but it’s not. If the person who I’m waiting to hear from doesn’t respond I’ll loop back around to see if we can get you upgraded.

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