And On The First Day Of The New American There Was….A New Snack Basket in First Class

This is literally right out of the US Airways playbook.  I actually wrote about it a while ago.  But, I certainly like American Airlines’ offering more than US Airways.  They brought a fruit basket around first, which was my first indication that something was different.  Standard fare, apples, oranges, bananas.

Then, the snack basket.  There was a nice variety of products.  Certainly better than what United Airlines offers.  And, for my personal tastes, I like this version better than the US Airways one.  The initiative was launched on December 1st.  The instructions are for the crew to circulate the basket once per flight, after meal service.  That’s probably the right directive, since American has much more in the way of meal service in premium cabins domestically than US Airways, but I can certainly see asking for the snacks instead of having a meal if I’ve already eaten before I get on board.

I’m certainly impressed.  I give the folks at US Airways credit for backing up what they said when they contacted me about my NY Times quotes in April.  They said there were going to continue to innovate and they (collectively) have.  I’m sure it will take some tweaking, but for my transcon today, I got the typical meal, sundae, cheese plate and cookies, all of which I appreciate.  The addition of fresh fruit and snacks is a well-rounded plus.  I’m not sure if that means other things are going away.  I hope not.

Contained in the basket were:

  • Moose Munch Dark Chocolate Bites
  • Lily O’Brien’s Luxury Marbled Chocolate
  • James & Melanie Key Lime Cookies
  • Earnest Eats Granola Bar
  • Kings’ Mountain Trail Mix
  • Asher’s Milk Chocolate Pretzels
  • Emerald Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews
  • Deep River Kettle Chips
  • Deep River Mesquite BBQ Kettle Chips

Snack Basket

Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket Snack Basket


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    1. Randy, I consider myself rented by moose munch. I still need to see more, but credit where credit is due.

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