American Airlines Decides To Double Up The Bonus Shopping Miles For The Holidays

American Airlines has another bonus offer out for their shopping portal.

Shopping Miles

Similar to last year, American already had an offer for miles that expired.  So, I really wasn’t expecting another offer, especially since this year’s offer was much better than last year.  When the shopping portals first came about a number of years ago, the bonuses they launched were quite lucrative.  They’d gotten quite stale, sometimes not terribly worth pursuing.

2500 miles for $250 in spending is certainly worth pursuing, so the new offer of 3,000 miles for that same $250 makes a ton of sense, especially considering that United Airlines is only offer 500 miles for that same $250 in spending through their shopping portal.

Important Note: The T&C of the AAdvantage shopping portal offer specifically preclude purchases from FTD:

Shopping Miles

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