Hyatt Tech! Lifetime Base Points Now Listed On Monthly E-Statements

I’ve written frequently in the past about my affection for lifetime status. I figure if my day job is going to take me away from my family frequently then we should get the benefit later in life of being able to enjoy all the benefits I’m entitled to now.
I value Hyatt Diamond status very highly, the most valuable hotel status. And, I’ve been working my way to lifetime Diamond, inching closer over the years. Unlike Starwood Preferred Guest, which bases their lifetime status on total nights and total years of elite status, Hyatt requires 1 million base points, or $200,000 in spend at properties, to achieve lifetime status.
The tough part about keeping track of lifetime Hyatt status is that previously Hyatt had no way for you to check your progress short of calling them. And, while I’ve rarely found problems with the lifetime base points posting, Hyatt had more frequent problems in the past with points posting in others areas. Not to mention that I’m a bit obsessive about tracking my miles and points.
I don’t have to worry about asking someone at Hyatt anymore. I opened my monthly e-statement from Hyatt yesterday and they’ve now added the lifetime miles calculation to the statement.  I blacked out my balance to protect the innocent and keep long lost family members from asking for a free stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  😉
Base Points
It’s a small change, but definitely a positive one for me.  Now, if I could just get that counter to move up a bit faster….
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