My Citi Executive Card AA 10,000 EQMs Posted

When AA and Citi came out with the new Citi Executive/AAdvantage Card last year, I jumped on it.  I don’t think the card is a great fit for my everyday spend.  But since I knew I wanted to try and hold onto 1K AND Executive Platinum this year, spending $40K on this card meant I’d have 10K less EQMs to earn flying with my butt in an airline seat.  The card carries a pretty steep fee ($450) but if you need the EQMs I think it’s worth it.

I got done spending the required amount on the card and the points from the most recent statement posted to my account about 3 weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take to post but was pleased to see my EQMs increase by 10K a couple of days ago.  There’s no actual notation in my account for those waiting for a visible indication of posting.  But they did post, and in a pretty reasonable timeframe.


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