A Backwards Position On Pilot Seniority From US Airways

I’m not sure why the folks over at US Airways feel the need to keep giving sound bites.  They started out sounding somewhat level-headed, but this recent article goes even further towards crazy.  Scott Kirby, the president of US Airways, says that a merger would actually solve the seniority issues that still plague US Airways 7 years after the US/America West merger.

“The side that didn’t like it could prevent a joint contract,” Kirby said. In the current effort, by contrast, the process would produce “a joint contract in advance” of the merger, he said, with the seniority details to be resolved later, but with an agreement to resolve them firmly in place.

Somebody needs to explain to me why this round of binding arbitration is somehow different than the last round.  At the same time, it might be good to explain why an agreement prior to a merger to agree on seniority later is somehow better than the last such agreement.

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