Kit Kat! One Of The Most Popular Candies in Japan

I thought I was done with the Japan trip, but I forgot about the Kit Kats!  Kit Kats are one of the popular candies in Japan, although not the way you’d imagine.  Even though we see two or three different flavors of Kit Kat in the US, there are actually closer to 100 different varieties.  The manufacturer of Kit Kats in Japan has been known to come out with some pretty crazy flavors.  I managed to pick up:


Green Tea


Blueberry Cheesecake (not pictured)

Candies in Japan

And, to get even whackier, I brought back something a bit spicier for someone who works for me.  Wasabi Kit Kats!

Candies in Japan

I wasn’t wild about the blueberry or green tea, the wasabi was okay.  I actually really enjoyed the orange and strawberry.

An interesting fact is that Kit Kats, while owned by Nestle, are actually manufactured by Hershey in the US.  Nestle acquired the original manufacturer of the Kit Kat, Rowntree.  Prior to that acquisition, Rowntree and Hershey agreed that Hershey would have US manufacturing rights as long as they didn’t sell the company.  Gotta think Nestle’s not too wild about that arrangement.

ETA:  Apparently I’m not the only one writing about weird Kit Kat flavors.  This blogger picks the 12 weirdest.

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