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Part 1 of my Sheraton Sand Key review.

Part 2 of my Sheraton Sand Key review.

This is where the travel game can get the best of you.  Our family has been spoiled.  Because we keep a big pile of points we can afford to go to top-notch resorts in exotic places.  The Sheraton Sand Key is neither of these,  but it is a nice, serviceable property for families.

You’re not going to find great food here, but you will find pretty good service.  When our daughter got sick on the first day of our trip, we called room service to see if they had chicken soup even though it wasn’t on the menu.  They didn’t, but inquired with the chef and they said they could make a bowl for our daughter if we wanted.  I told them I would call back in a few minutes with a full order for the entire family.  About 5 minutes later, room service called back and told me the chef had finished up the bowl of chicken soup, and they were sending it up free of charge.

We also had a positive “rescue” experience with the front desk as well.  I had communicated through my Platinum concierge that we wanted to be on the same floor with my cousin’s family, and that they would need a refrigerator in their room.  My cousin is an SPG Gold member, which is okay but not great in terms of getting recognition from the property.  They checked in the day before us.  With a full property on spring break, they were on a floor with a lacrosse team (yes, an actual boy’s lacrosse team running up and down the halls at night).  They also did not receive a refrigerator.

When I checked in the following day, I asked to speak to a front desk supervisor and explained the issues.  Knowing the property was full I wasn’t optimistic.  But, by the time I got upstairs and situated in our room, the front desk was already moving my cousin and her family.  A refrigerator appeared the next morning, and all our requests were fulfilled.

I definitely think there are better values to be had in the SPG system.  Sadly, driving around Clearwater Beach, this wasone of the nicer hotels.  The Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach appears to be the cream of the crop, though.  We’re we to go back, that’s most likely where we would end up.  For people visiting this area, I’ll have some restaurant reviews posted in the next few days.

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