Sheraton Sand Key Review-Activities

The property is located on the beach, so there are a number of options for outdoor activities.  The pictures of the property are a bit deceiving in a couple of areas.  First, the pool area is much smaller than it shows on the website.

Sheraton Sand Key

There’s a very small infant pool (8′ diameter) and a hot tub.  But, there’s no way that those two combined with the main pool can satisfy 390 rooms.  It’s a family oriented property, so at full capacity it’s unlikely too many rooms have just one occupant.  The pool is really not that much bigger than my pool at home.  And my home pool really isn’t that big.  The pool was completely packed the entire time we were there.

Of course, there’s always the beach, which is why they probably don’t have a bigger pool.  Unfortunately, this is another area where things are a bit deceiving.  The ocean is easily two football fields (200 yards) from the pool.  Maybe closer to somewhere over 1/8 mile.  To give you an idea of the distance, here’s a picture from the first line of umbrellas (which is roughly 100 feet from the water).

Sheraton Sand Key

There are also some tennis courts and a playground around the side of the hotel away from the pool.  For families with kids, this is a good area to set up in.  There’s shade, a place for the kids to build sand castles, and easy access to the pool.

Sheraton Sand Key

The price for umbrellas and chairs at the beach is pretty reasoanble ($25 gets you an umbrella and 2 chairs for the day), and there was a beverage cart with plenty of drinks and sandwiches all day long that you could charge to your room.  Our daughter was ready to go the moment she got there.

Sheraton Sand Key

See my earlier review on the rooms and public space at Sheraton Sand Key.

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