Dulles (IAD) AeroTrain Pics-Now Open!

Dulles (IAD) AeroTrain
Dulles (IAD) AeroTrain
Dulles (IAD) AeroTrain

I can’t imagine anyone actually still reads my blog, due to all the SPAM. I can’t tell you I have a good solution, other than daily e-mails to Google and changing my password to something the Pentagon can’t break. And yet, more SPAM this morning.

I was supposed to travel last Monday, when the train opened up for the first time. Unfortunately, my daughter got sick, so I had to cancel my trip.

This morning, I cleared through security and headed down the escalator to give the AeroTrain a try. There are two separate trains at the main terminal. One heads to concourse B, the other to A and C. When I arrived, there was a train waiting to go to B, where I was heading. Officials weren’t letting anyone board it, so after about 5 minutes, I just hopped on the train to A, figuring I would just walk the length of B.
The train was a quick 60 second ride to A. Upon departing, we were directed up an escalator. In front of me were two signs. One directed me to an elevator for concourse B, along with C, D etc. The other directed me to the left to concourse A.
Don’t be overly confused. The elevator to B is actually an elevator right back downstairs to the platform to get back on the train.
Two escalators later I arrived in concourse A. Kind of. For those that know IAD well, I was standing at the end of the B concourse, by the escalators that head up to the walkway to A. There was another sign directing me to an escalator DOWN to go to the B concourse. All of the B gates in front of me had been changed to A gates, up to the point the underground walkway bisects what was the old B terminal.
There was someone there assisting people, and I obviously looked confused, since I knew I was in B, even though this portion wasn’t B anymore.
This official assured me I could just get back on the escalator downstairs, and head to B. When I said, “Couldn’t I just walk 300 feet that way?”, pointing in the direction of the B concourse, he said, “I guess so.”
Brilliance abounds. I’m not sure which genius decided me needed to rename half of the B concourse to the A concourse, but I’m sure there’s historical significance.
Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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