Stupid Politician Tricks

This is not a knock on the Democratic party, since the last time a politician said something this stupid was Republican George Allen calling a rival’s intern macaca on video.

Martha Coakley is locked in a ferocious battle for Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts. In a radio interview on Friday, she decided it would be a good idea to call Curt Schilling “another Yankees fan”.
Yes, that Curt Schilling. While there are a lot of things I might call Curt Schilling, a Yankees fan probably wouldn’t make the list. She tried to cover it up in the interview, but only made it worse when she stated the obvious, that Curt Schilling no longer plays for the Red Sox.
She probably missed the part where he may be one of the most beloved sports figures in Massachusetts history.
Oh, well. She didn’t need the male vote to win, anyway, right?

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