Special Interests Alive and Well

While I’m sure members of the Democratic party have really good reasons, I hope my friends who vote the left side of the ticket will agree that one of the latest changes to health insurance legislation really just isn’t right.

This article in the WSJ details that, in exchange for AFL-CIO support, the Democrats have included a 5-year exception on taxing high value insurance plans.
Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, it is if you don’t belong to a union. Because, as a normal, hard working adult, I don’t qualify for the discount. Only union members will receive the benefit of this exception.
I keep hearing that this is balanced legislation. I haven’t spent a ton of time reading it, but the excerpts I’ve seen seem fair. But, this exception is crap.
Really. A union employee works harder than me, and deserves this more than me? Or, they just happened to give more money to the right politician holding his hand out.

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