Dulles Airport: AeroTrain Update

Steady followers of my blog will remember my post last year with previously unseen pictures of the train system at Dulles Airport.

Well, when I walked through Dulles Airport at 5am on Monday, I saw that the train was running at the main terminal. It’s not open for passengers yet, just test running on the tracks. This is consistent with some FTers reports that it will need to run error free for 30 (or 60) days before they will open it to the general public. I grabbed some quick footage of a 3-car train leaving the station.

The trains seem to run on a 2 minute cycle during testing. While I’ve seen the terminal A and B stations, I haven’t yet seen the proposed terminal C station. More info about the train system can be found here.

Long story short, I’ll be plenty happy not to have to ride the damn buses anymore.

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