Family Reunion: Hershey Park

Still running VERY far behind on updates. Two or three weeks ago, we had a mini family reunion at Hershey Park. Casts in this movie were my cousin Serena and her husband Ron, as well as my cousin Tom, his wife Nicole, and his kids Olivia, Kiley and Jagger. Catherine had a great time with her cousins!

We spent two days at Hershey, and the kids had a ball. Catherine rode her first roller coaster. While she did look a bit terrified in the beginning, she was so excited when we got done that we went on again. After the second time, she cried because we headed to lunch. She was ready to go again!

There’s nothing better, IMO, than spending time with family, and this trip was no exception. Here’s a couple of quick pics:

Hershey ParkCatherine, with her cousins Kiley, Olivia and Jagger.

Hershey Park
Catherine on the Ladybug ride with her cousins.

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