Help My Friend Brian Cohen

My friend Brian Cohen is trying to win a trip to Antarctica. I hope you’ll take a moment and vote for him at the link above. The site will require you to register, but I can vouch for the site.

So, please join in! Brian is currently in 7th place out of 315 voters. We need to get him over the top! Brian has been instrumental over the years in helping me earn miles and points, so help me help him.

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My goal in life is to fill my family’s passports with stamps, creating buckets of memories along the way. You’ll find me writing about realistic ways for normal people to travel the world, whether you’re on a budget or enjoy luxury. I also enjoy taking us on the occasional detour to explore the inner workings of the travel industry.

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  1. I'm pretty sure this is the Brian Cohen I'm looking for–I saw a couple of videos on youtube of him eating a truffle and his laugh is the same as I remember. My name is Jeff Wong and I went to the High School of Art & Design with him. I'd love to catch up. Is there an easy way to get in touch with Brian? He can always contact me through my website if he googles my name.

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