Governor of Illinois Going To Jail

It’s been widely reported that the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, is heading to jail.

This had me laughing uncontrollably this morning. I was watching Hardball last night when it was discussed that he was demanding Bank of America to reinstate a line of credit to a company in Illinois that makes windows and doors. He said he would order the government of Illinois to stop using Bank of America for any services until they (BOA) reinstated the line of credit. He (and Obama) spent yesterday encouraging the employees to stage a sit-in so their grievances could be publicized.

Then, “Senate Rod” gets arrested this morning for offering Obama’s Senate seat in exchange for cash, among other things. This from a man elected on a reform agenda.

Open the dictionary and look up “poetic justice”, and there’s our friend Rod.

Good to see Chicago politics hasn’t changed this century.

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