David Gregory New Moderator of Meet The Press

A nod to David for sending me the official announcement.

This has been rumored for some time, with Andrea Mitchell, Gwen Ifill and Chuck Todd listed as top contenders. I would have been fine with Andrea, maybe even Chuck, although I think he isn’t the type to ask tough questions. I think Gwen Ifill would have been a horrible choice.

Tim Russert’s death was both tragic and sad. He left behind family and friends that loved him dearly. From a personal standpoint, I’ll miss tuning in to him on Sundays. I think Tim would have been pretty happy with Gregory as a replacement. Even though MTP won’t be the same after Tim, I think Gregory is the right choice.

Tim changed MTP into a completely different show. He got the best guests, and asked the toughest questions. In my opinion, some of his final shows were his best, in the most heated Presidential contest I’ve been alive for.

I’m not sure David can do the same thing Tim did. Don’t get me wrong. I think David will attract quality guests, and conduct strong interviews. I only started watching MTP regularly over the past few years, and grew to look forward to seeing Tim go to work every Sunday.

I hope I feel the same way about David many years from now.

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