Obama’s Pro-Union Stance Seems To Be a Bit Left of Center

Here’s an article contending that Barack Obama wrote a letter to John Gage, the president of a major union for government workers.

Okay, I understand Obama is pro-union. I’m not condemning him for that fact, even though I vehemently disagree with unions. They served a purpose during the history of our country, but by and large, my belief is that they have run their course.

If Obama really did write a letter to a union chief saying he thinks that the TSA employees need collective bargaining to get more from their employer, I am severely disappointed.

Let’s step into a vacuum for a second and say that I actually agree that there are still groups of employees that need this type of protection because their employer may not be giving them all the benefits they deserve. Ummm, isn’t he President-elect? Doesn’t that mean he’s their boss? If he doesn’t agree with their benefits, he can fire their boss. It’s a politically appointed position. And don’t feed me some crap that Congress controls the purse strings, and we need unions to make sure Congress doesn’t screw them. Overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate nullify this point as well.

I know this description over-simplifies the process by which employee pay and benefits are determined. But he was elected on a platform of sweeping change. Do we really need to bring in special interests to renegotiate government employee salaries?

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