Governor of Illinois-One More Thing

I’m not trying to sling mud. But I’m sitting here watching coverage on Hardball about Blagojevich. Everyone is going out of their way to comment on the fact that Obama wouldn’t let him anywhere near him. They quietly kept him off the stage in Grant Park. They kept him from doing any campaigning for Obama. Any.

He’s the governor of Illinois. He’s a Democrat. It’s shocking that he wouldn’t be called upon or included in some way.

Which means, in my opinion, Obama knew he was crooked. Haven’t heard anyone say this. Everyone in the media says the opposite.

But how could you keep such a prominent figure from your home state out of the limelight, when everyone else was?

Was Obama smart to keep him away? Sure. But if Obama really is striving to change the ethical boundaries of politics, then he probably had enough information to sound the alarm.

I’m just saying.

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  1. Mr. Obama seems to be distancing himself from many, many folks over the last few months.Makes me wonder how well he chooses his friends. I have many friends myself and would never have the occasion to distance myself from any of them.

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