Tasty Donuts (No, Really) In Salzburg

I’ve got a ton of posts to crank out on our family vacation to Sicily and Salzburg.  I’m hoping to get my butt in gear.  Here’s a quick peek at what I expect to cover:

Leave it to me to find donuts in Salzburg.  I had done a bit of Googling and found that Tasty Donuts seemed to be the place to find American-style donuts in Salzburg.  We were only in Salzburg for a few days with a busy itinerary.  So, we hadn’t found a time to swing by until our last day in town.  I showed up at the door a bit after they were scheduled to open, but the store was empty and locked.  I ended up picking up a few pastries from a nearby bakery and heading back to the hotel.

A few hours later I was walking by and saw that employees had just shown up and were filling the display cases with donuts.  Pretty much everything they served were yeast-raised donuts (think the light, airy kind).  They had a few interesting flavors and colors, including a Leonardo Ninja Turtles donut my son loved.


The Final Two Pennies

I’ll be launching something soon to keep better track of the donut posts.  Meanwhile, I’d say that if you’re craving a donut in Salzburg, Tasty Donuts can satisfy your craving.  These were pretty similar to Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s.  There was a decent variety of flavors.  Overall, I’d probably lean towards hitting the local pastry shop before a return trip to Tasty Donuts.

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