$25 iTunes Gift Card When You Buy An Apple TV

Apple is currently offering a $25 iTunes gift card when you buy an Apple TV.

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That goes well with Apple’s recent bump up to 2 miles/points per dollar on a variety of shopping portals.

I’ve had an Apple TV for quite some time now. They’re a little bigger than a deck of playing cards and they allow you to watch all your iTunes TV shows along with a bunch of other “channels” like Netflix and the MLB sports package.  I use mine to watch all the Yankees games in Virginia, since my local TV channels feature a steady diet of the Orioles and Nationals.

Once you purchase a movie or song through iTunes you can stream it to any TV you hook the Apple TV up to.  It’s very easy to use, like most Apple products, and only costs $99.  The $25 free gift card brings you down to a net price of $74.

I even know a family who packs an Apple TV with them when they go on vacation so they have access to movies for the kids on a TV instead of paying for pay-per-view in the hotel room or having to watch on a tablet.  I’ve been thinking about purchasing another Apple TV so I can watch baseball in my office and this might be the kick in the pants I needed.

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    1. LIH Prem, it’s a tough call. There have been persistent rumors for almost a year of a new Apple TV. Sooner or later they’re bound to be correct.

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