Need A Self Destructing Smart Phone? Boeing Has You Covered. Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, March 1, 2013

I’ve seen some people do some crazy things for miles over the years, but I think Tahsir from Hack My Trip may be shooting for the topper.  He’s talking about 10 or 20 Bluebird cards, Vanilla Reloads by the truckload and other crazy antics.  Follow him while he participates in Mile Madness.

View From The Wing and MJ On Travel have revealed a nice glitch in the US Airways award chart, just in case you want to fly American Airlines’ new JFK-LAX premium service in First Class at a discount.

Do you need a phone so secure that it self-destructs when tampered with?  A replacement to that secure Blackberry?  As long as you’re fine signing a non-disclosure, why not buy the Boeing Black?

It’s been a rough week for Qantas.  First, they announce a ton of job cuts and painful restructuring.    And now, they have two of their jets clip wings.  And not just any jets, an A380 and a 747, both getting ready to head to Australia.  That’s really going to be messy to fix.

American Airlines relocated to the new terminal at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to make transfers between American and US Airways flights easier.

Self Destructing

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