Washington Dulles

I’m A Member Of CLEAR Again

For those unaware, CLEAR was a program that pre-dated TSA PreCheck and allowed for a “skip the line pass”.  You still needed to go through traditional security screening, but you were pushed to the front of the line.  It started 2005-ish and perished about 4 years later.  It was purchased out of bankruptcy and restarted, though with significantly less airports than before. I was lucky enough to purchase a renewal for my wife and I just a month or so before they declared bankruptcy.  The company that bought their assets out […]

Tonight Only. Fare Sale. Virgin America Started, Others Matching

Virgin America launched a one-day fare sale that’s only valid until midnight today. I checked a few fares from my home city of Washington-Dulles.  I was able to confirm $146 one-way fares to LAX and $156 one-way to San Francisco. Looks like most of the fares run from the beginning of November through the end of February next year.  So, if you’re looking to get a head start on re-qualification, here’s a good start.  

Starbucks Evenings Opens at Dulles Airport

A couple months ago a “coming soon” sign popped up at my home airport, Washington Dulles.  In the B concourse, they would be adding a new Starbucks Evenings location.  In true Starbucks fashion, they placed this location directly across from the only Starbucks in the long A/B terminal. At the outset, it looks like a normal Starbucks.   There are a few more pre-made sandwich choices in this location as compared to a normal Starbucks.  There’s also a daily special board.  When I breezed by last week they were offering […]

TSA is Testing New Automation Technology for Boarding Passes

According to this piece in the USA Today, TSA is testing a machine that automatically authenticates most forms of identification.  They’re testing it at Washington Dulles (IAD), my home airport, so I may get to try it soon. I don’t really view this as a huge enhancement by the TSA that will speed up my experience.  I’m sure it will help weed out a few fraudulent documents, but I don’t really view that as speeding up the process. What I do find impressive here is a demonstration, if only an […]