Wall Street Journal

Another Good Piece On Why Status Matters

Scott McCartney has a good piece in today’s Wall Street Journal about people spending money to achieve status, either by taking flights they don’t need to take or “buying up”. No question, I’m a status snob.  But, status is more then just a seat near the front of the plane.  Over the past few years as airlines have cut benefits, the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots” on board has grown considerably.  Remember the days when everyone got a meal onboard?  It might not have been great food […]

MegaDO Media!

Apologies for being away from the blog for a few days.  Getting caught up from the MegaDO and work travel have bogged me down.  I’m on my way to Frequent Traveler University right now, but I wanted to share with you a new piece on StarMegaDO4. Stephanie was along for the ride and shares her perspective on her first MegaDO.  Some of my favorite quotes from her article: “Do not hold up the drink cart in the aisle,” he said. Alcohol is as much a part of MegaDos as jet […]

Heavy Sledding For American Airlines

Bankruptcy has been tough for all the legacy airlines to navigate.  American has had it’s fair share of troubles to this point, but I didn’t think things would get even worse so quickly.  Again, it’s the pilots. Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal, a very influential voice in the travel industry, is openly preaching that people should book elsewhere right now.  I don’t agree with everything he says here, but there’s pretty damning evidence out there that the pilots aren’t going to relent anytime soon. View From The Wing […]

Some Interesting Thoughts On The Shrinking and Expanding of Flight Times

Scott McCartney’s weekly piece in the Thursday Wall Street Journal is one I look forward to reading each week.  With few exceptions I enjoy what he writes.  Sometimes it’s high-level, sometimes entry level.  And, while Scott takes views I sometimes disagree with, he doesn’t strike me as a polarizing figure. This week Scott wrote about how airlines are starting to shrink the block times for flights. This is another example of the airlines, to some degree, realizing that the strategies of old may not be the best fit.  Years ago, […]

Review: Hyatt Regency Bellevue

This is actually my second time at the property.  I was here for oneworld MegaDO, but the trip was such a whirlwind I never really got a chance to enjoy the property. I wouldn’t do too much enjoying this trip, although not a horrible stay.  The lobby area of the HR Bellevue is actually quite nice.  There are bamboo trees, fireplaces and lots of different places to find a quiet seat for a meeting or to get some work done. Check-in was uneventful.  There was actually a girl I knew […]

American Moving Aggresively to Trim Labor Cost

According to this Wall Street Journal article, American Airlines is set to trim about 20% of it’s non-union payroll through job reductions and benefit reductions. I wrote earlier about the closing of the Admirals Club at my home airport, Washington Dulles.  While I’m disappointed, I do understand the reality that AA is facing. When AA didn’t declare bankruptcy along with all the other airlines earlier in the last decade, I thought it was the noble thing to do.  Now it looks like that decision has hurt them. All signs point […]