Wall Street Journal

Saying Goodbye To The Middle Seat

Alas, if this was only an article about the dreaded worst seat on the plane going away.  Instead, it’s a bit of a sad day as we say goodbye to a column that’s been a part of my weekly required reading for over a decade. The Middle Seat is a weekly column published by Scott McCartney.  After 20 years he put pen to paper from the middle seat for the final time. His final column, a list of his favorites over the years, follows a piece where he chronicles his […]

Middle East Airline Carriers and Amazon Taking Over The World. Friday Travel Tidbits.

Are the Middle East carriers taking over the travel world? Scott McCartney has an interesting article about the aggressive tactics Emirates, et al are employing to grow share from the US to destinations abroad. HT: Loyalty Lobby Quoting from the article: They are winning over customers with service reminiscent of the early days of flying. That means hot towels in economy, plus amenities like onboard showers in first class and a bar in business class. Etihad has flight attendants trained as flying nannies who entertain children from first class, business and […]

What Do You Think? Am I Crazy To Buy One?

I like my iPhone.  I really do.  There was a time where I used to have to look in the mirror and practice saying it.  But now, it flows smoothly off my tongue.  But, while it’s a device I rely on heavily (and couldn’t do without) and I really like it, I consider it more of a “best of breed”.  Bottom line?  I’m not in love.  With it or any other smartphone.  I’ve tried a handful of Android devices and found them all to be significantly harder to use consistently than the iPhone.  Sure, […]

Inching Closer To Relaxed Rules For Electronics In Flight

If you’ve been on a plane any time in the past 5 years, you know the drill.  All those electronics need to be off before the plane can push back from the gate, right?  But, the pilots are using iPads in the cockpit for navigation?  It’s always seemed to me like and odd battle to fight. It’s been rumored for some time that the FAA is going to relax the restrictions on the use of electronics during taxi, takeoff and landing.  Just rumors, but lots of them.  Now, the Wall […]

The New American Is Listening. Are We Headed For Greater Heights?

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that I’m skeptical about the American-US Airways Merger.  And, it really isn’t all just about US Airways, either.  When Delta and Northwest merged, their elites generally weren’t very happy.  But, everyone survived. Then, United and Continental merged.  There were disastrous computer issues, some elites saw their upgrade percentage mimic the trajectory of some European Union country’s currency.  There were “over entitled” elites.  And, it’s not really over. Even without considering the differences between US Airways and American there are plenty of reasons […]

Passnfly: Interesting App With Potential That Costs Too Much

It’s great to see disruption in the travel space, and the app world is a great place to watch that happen. I read a review of Passnfly in the Wall Street Journal and could see how useful something like this could be. Admittedly, I was glossing through the article when I read it the first time. It seemed to pick up a few good pieces of TripIt and add in some features that travelers could find useful (automatically checking you in for a flight). There are a few reasons I […]