Vanilla Reload

Vanilla Reloads Going Cash Only Tomorrow. It’s Real, Not Regional

There have been numerous reports over the past day or so that Vanilla Reloads are moving to cash only tomorrow.  I recall seeing things on both View From The Wing and Points, Miles and Martinis. I can report that it is definitely not confined to Florida and definitely not a rumor.  My wife hasn’t reached the spending requirement for her Citi Executive AA card that earns 100,000 miles yet, so when I heard the rumor I decided we needed to get our butts to a local CVS just in case. […]

20% Cash Back (Up To $200) Using American Express Serve. Is This A Bluebird Replacement?

I don’t spend a lot of time churning cards for points, certainly not as much as some folks do.  I certainly don’t consider myself an expert on the subject, though I have dabbled a bit with American Express Bluebird. You used to be able to buy Vanilla Reload cards at office supply stores and get 5X miles per dollar by purchasing them using a Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus cards(not referral links, just handy in case you want to review the cards).  That went away some months ago, […]