Tweet A Coffee

12 Days Of Free Starbucks!

On the tails of my Sterling Silver Starbucks gift card giveaway, I wanted to make sure we had a few more winners given the popularity of that giveaway.  And, since Starbucks seems pretty popular around these parts, I’ll be giving away free Starbucks for the holidays. We’ll start with the 12 Days of Christmas, where I’ll give away one $5 Starbucks gift card each day between now and Christmas Eve. And, once we get to Hannukah, I’ll double up and do 2 gift cards a day through December 24th. I’ll be […]

Winning Captions Get $5 In Starbucks Cash

Since I’m still typing one-handed it’s tougher to bang out longer posts.  To keep things fun, I figured I’d give away a $5 Starbucks gift card per my ongoing Tweet A Coffee adventure.  So, tweet your caption suggestions for the picture of our puppy below to @pizzainmotion   If you don’t use Twitter, you can leave an old-fashioned comment here, but Tweeting a coffee is easier.

Did You Win Free Starbucks From Me?

There were plenty of people who participated in my first Starbucks giveaway via “Tweet A Coffee”.  #pizzacoffee wasn’t quite popular enough to be trending on Twitter but we did have a few fun comments: I plan to continue handing out Starbucks on a weekly basis, so keep those Tweets coming.  The full list of winners who will be tweeted coffee today is below:   Will Run for Miles (@katruns26point2) Aarash Fakhori (@afakhori) Matt Heller (@mheller) Eddy (@eddylsc) Laura (@GreenbergLaura) Aleks Kobilarov (@akobilarov) Ralph (@PointsCentric) Michael (@TheRunningPM) Karyn (@Konorth) MilesFromBlighty (@MilesFmBlighty)