TSA Pre-Check

CLEAR Picking Up A Bit Of Steam? Adds San Jose, Second New Airport In Roughly 30 Days

I don’t imagine there are a ton of fans of CLEAR right now.  When they folded a few years ago they lost all mindshare.  They were resurrected from the dead but didn’t have much relevancy because not too many airports signed on. Add to that the ability to apply for Global Entry to access TSA PreCheck and the proliferation of PreCheck, and CLEAR became pretty much obsolete. Lately, they landed a few jabs in the fight back to relevance.  The CLEAR lines were reorganized to flow directly into the PreCheck […]

I Want To Go To The Country Of New York

In today’s environment of increased security, longer lines and full planes, travel can be an adventure.  Smart travelers find ways to make sure the adventure comes when you plan it as opposed to random road blocks along the way.  Two of the best ways to guarantee a positive airport experience are Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check. TSA Pre-Check is a program in the domestic US that allows for expedited security screening.  Due to recent expansion, you can find it at most sizable airports in the US.  You can qualify for […]

CLEAR Lanes at Denver Airport Now Integrated With Pre-Check

I’ve written in the past about my fondness for both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check.  There are plenty frequent travelers who feel otherwise.  Since I don’t see either of these systems going anywhere anytime soon, I’m always happy when they expand or enhance their offerings. CLEAR is trying something new, integrating the CLEAR lane with the TSA Pre-Check lane at Denver International Airport: There’s no date listed on when they’re getting started, so I assume it’s already in place.  I’ll be in Denver this week so I’ll try and update once […]

Pizza In The News And The Continuing Discussion on Airport Security

I’m quoted in this month’s Travel & Leisure magazine talking about Global Entry.  I’ve talked in the past about how much of a fan I am.  I’m also a huge fan of TSA Pre-Check.  Most people don’t know it, but you can have access to TSA Pre-Check even if you’re not a frequent flier who’s been invited.  That’s one of the hidden beauties of Global Entry. Now, Gary of View From the Wing is also quoted in the article, and he’s posted about it on his blog. And, while Gary […]

TSA Pre-Check Makes a Perfect Landing at Dulles

I crossed my fingers on the way to the airport this morning.  Today was the day Dulles airport had announced that TSA Pre-Check would launch. The airport had blown through the first deadline they established to have security open upstairs, so it wasn’t entirely clear to me that they would make today’s deadline. So I was pleasantly surprised when I headed upstairs this morning and saw the lights were on in the Pre-Check area.  Now, it was pretty early and still dark out, so I had to get a bit […]

Hertz Platinum And TSA Pre-Check Save The Day

Some days, everything comes together exactly the way you need it to.  But, to even have that chance you need the right tools.  I had to use two of mine this week to make a flight I was running very late for. Hertz Platinum is one of those services I’ve really grown to love over the last few years.  Most of the benefits are unpublished, but essentially you get tons of special treatment.  Most stations give decent upgrades without asking, and I’ve never been turned down for a specific request.  […]

Still No TSA Pre-Check Upstairs Security Area

I blogged last week that Dulles Airport had announced the arrival of TSA Pre-Check. At that time, they told me that the actual security checkpoint would open as a regular checkpoint upstairs a few days later and Pre-Check would arrive on September 25th. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Didn’t think to snap a picture, but you can see some progress upstairs, though no open checkpoint. I was by there on Friday and just swung by again a few minutes ago on my way to a flight. More equipment is in […]