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American/US Airways Announce Senior Leadership For New Combined Airline. Not Many Surprises.

This is a bit of inside baseball, not really stuff the every day traveler wants to spend time reading about.  But, it is interesting to me so I figured I’d write a quick post. The New American Airlines announced its senior leadership today. There are a total of 9 names (including Doug Parker’s).  Of those, 3 are American Airlines folks, the other 6 US Airways. That doesn’t surprise me in the least.  I was very pleased to see Maya Liebman named Chief Information Officer.  Maya was the head of the […]

American Airlines CEO Tom Horton Gets His $20 Million Severance Approved

And this contributor to Forbes really doesn’t like it.  No doubt, it’s an odd situation.  As the final bankruptcy plan is sent out for creditor approval, everyone still holding American debt appears to be in position to get 100% of their money.  That doesn’t mean there weren’t some losers in bankruptcy (the union employees, for example). I do think Tom Horton has done a good job navigating American Airlines through bankruptcy.  IMO, he got Doug Parker at US Airways to “overpay” in the resulting merger, with AMR shareholders getting 72% […]

American-US Airways Merger Moves A Step Closer With Bankruptcy Judge Approval

Things took another step closer to culminating the merger between American Airlines and US Airways yesterday when the bankruptcy judge approved the merger.  This was not a surprise, just a necessary mechanism in the process. The next step is for the creditors to formally vote on the proposal.  I’d be utterly shocked if the creditors veto the arrangement.  One of the only things that the creditors have publicly squawked about is American CEO Tom Horton’s severance package.  They don’t have to worry about an up or down vote on that […]

Details Emerge On Exit Package For American Airlines CEO

This post won’t be riveting material for many of my readers, but I have been curious for quite some time what American Airlines’ CEO Tom Horton was getting for an exit package as a result of the merger with US Airways. I had been discussing exactly this matter with View From The Wing a few weeks ago. We were both certain that Tom Horton made out better if American edited bankruptcy and Tom either continued to lead the airline or effected a merger outside of bankruptcy. And, when details emerged […]

More Clarity On American Airlines/US Airways Merger

I listened in on the press conference that Tom Horton (American CEO) and Doug Parker (US Airways CEO) conducted this morning and picked up a few interesting nuggets.  In no specific order:   This was a theme that came up a number of times in the call.  Right aircraft, right place, right time.  Along with the combination of the fleets, American has a substantial number of new planes on delivery over the next few years.  They fielded a question during the call about whether they could take delivery of all […]

Finally A Public Sign Of Something Positive For American Airlines’ CEO In Merger

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Tom Horton, CEO of AMR (the parent of American Airlines) is in talks to become Chairman of a combined American Airlines/US Airways airline. This is a big indication to me that things are likely almost wrapped up for merger discussions.  Gary (View From the Wing) and I had a discussion about this in general a few weeks back.  You see, I was still a bit disillusioned, most likely because of my somewhat unseemly man-crush on American Airlines.  I figured there was still a […]