IT’S OFFICIAL: Hyatt Making Big Changes To Their Loyalty Program

There are a ton of Hyatt changes out today. I’m going to have at least a few more posts to cover the details, especially since Hyatt is my primary loyalty program. But, here’s the high level bits:

American Airlines to Combine AAdvantage and Dividend Miles In 30 Days

American Airlines is sending out some more news about the upcoming transition to one loyalty program.  They had originally predicted that the transition would happen in the 2nd quarter of 2015, and that appears likely.  Today’s announcement says this transition is less than 30 days away, which I view as a good thing. So, what else is happening with this change? All Dividend Miles accounts that have been linked will have their balances transferred to the corresponding AAdvantage account. Elite-qualifying miles from 2014 will be combined to determine your 2015 […]

I Wonder If I’ll Be Executive Platinum Tomorrow?

American Airlines has avoided pretty much all the pitfalls other airlines have seen in major mergers of the past. They’ve done so by employing a slow and steady strategy, with no massive “cutover” date where a large number of changes happen, opting instead for lots of smaller milestones. And, when the largest complaint thus far revolves around catering changes, I’ve gotta imagine that’s a “win” for the new American.   I wrote late last year that I thought March 1st would start a period where things could get rocky, and I […]