St. Maarten

What’s New At Disneyland, Airline Ticket Payment Plans And More Cheap Flights To Europe

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December 2015 Month In Pictures

Welcome to the December 2015 Month In Pictures.  It was a heck of a busy month.  So much so, it took me hours to whittle down the list of pictures this month to a mere 60.  I could have gone a lot deeper.  Hope you find them enjoyable!  I know I had fun taking them. Some might wonder why a picture of runway lights.  Nope, wasn’t nervous at all when the pilot taxied to the end of the runway, turned around and then backed up until the tail was literally […]

This is True Pizza In Motion!

“The Internet” is an awful big place, and it’s easy to miss something relevant and/or funny.  That’s why I’m very thankful to reader Kathryn Creedy for pointing out this very relevant YouTube video! Winair and Domino’s teamed up for this trip, delivering a fresh, hot pizza from St. Maarten to Saba in less than 30 minutes. True Pizza In Motion.  Delivery in 30 minutes or less is possible.  Randy Petersen, wherever you are, for every time you’ve asked…..