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December 2015 Month In Pictures

Welcome to the December 2015 Month In Pictures.  It was a heck of a busy month.  So much so, it took me hours to whittle down the list of pictures this month to a mere 60.  I could have gone a lot deeper.  Hope you find them enjoyable!  I know I had fun taking them. Some might wonder why a picture of runway lights.  Nope, wasn’t nervous at all when the pilot taxied to the end of the runway, turned around and then backed up until the tail was literally […]

Is “Last Class” A Class By Itself?

Cheaper is better, right? Not always, and now especially not in air travel. It used to be that virtually all coach tickets were the same. But now, consumers need to be very careful when they purchase a ticket, reading what fare they’re buying and what may (or may not) come with their ticket.

Cheap Flights To Hawaii, Emirates Takes Over Longest Flight Honors. The Best of the Rest For August 13, 2015

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap fares to Hawaii, Florida and California and a solid European fare sale from Norwegian and a smattering of Delta news…..

Another Airline Trying To Make A Go In Atlantic City

Atlantic City airport hasn’t done that well trying to establish destination air service to the area over the years. While Spirit Air has established a good alternative to PHL there, I suspect most of those people are South Jersey and Philly folks departing. This week marks new service that is definitely in the destination category.