Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

DEAL (Increased to 5 Cards): Up To 14% Discount Again On Southwest Gift Cards (today and tomorrow Only)

Big thanks to Sean from my Slack community for bringing this one to my attention.  This offer could be a great way to leverage the current shortcut promotion to Southwest’s Companion Pass. Costco is offering a slightly lower discount on Southwest gift cards than they offered a couple of months ago, except this time you can purchase up to 5 gift cards!  The banner is back on the top of the Costco website showing that $500 gift cards are discounted. The total for five $500 gift cards after discount is […]

NowBoarding: Lee Huffman, Bald Thoughts!

Work and life have me running behind as usual.  While we published podcast episodes the last few weeks, I neglected to post about them here. So, you might have missed Lee Huffman as my guest on the NowBoarding Podcast. Author of the Bald Thoughts blog, I can confirm he is bald.  Really bald.  From his early days as a kid listening on a CB radio and riding in a semi truck across Texas to traveling with his wife all over the country using the Southwest companion pass, Lee is very […]

Cheap Flights Throughout The US, Discounted Gift Cards And Last Chance For Transfer Bonus

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