NowBoarding: Lee Huffman, Bald Thoughts!

Work and life have me running behind as usual.  While we published podcast episodes the last few weeks, I neglected to post about them here.

So, you might have missed Lee Huffman as my guest on the NowBoarding Podcast.

Author of the Bald Thoughts blog, I can confirm he is bald.  Really bald.  From his early days as a kid listening on a CB radio and riding in a semi truck across Texas to traveling with his wife all over the country using the Southwest companion pass, Lee is very well-traveled.

In Episode 10 Lee explains how he branched out past Southwest in an effort to answer his wife’s question, “Why can’t we go to Paris?”  We also talk about his new podcast, getting ready to launch.  Hope you’ll tune in!

Here’s Where You Can Find The Now Boarding Podcast:

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Google Podcasts

Stay tuned for more places to find the NowBoarding podcast!

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