San Juan

The Good News And Bad News Of American’s New Codeshare With Seaborne

Maybe this should be titled the bad news, good news and bad news.  Because the bad news in the first place is that American Airlines gutted its presence out of San Juan, Puerto Rico where they used to have a bunch of flights to all over the Caribbean.  They consolidated a lot of the flights out of Miami which also has its goods and bads.  But, more choices is always better, which is why it’s ultimately a good thing that American announced a codeshare with Seaborne Airlines today.   In […]

American Expanding It’s Codeshare With Cape Air, Too

After posting just a couple hours ago about American expanding its codeshare relationship with Alaska Airlines, I ran across a piece of news about expanding codesharing in the Caribbean. American has been slowly pulling out of the Caribbean, consolidating its flights out of Miami instead of splitting them between Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Now, there’s an announcement that Cape Air will essentially take over that business from American and codeshare with them on it.  It’s not that Cape Air is taking American’s customers, but American has moved from […]