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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Wants. Help Fund The Next Airline Snack

Crowd funding is one of the big buzz words out there, and something I’m involved in a bit for my day job.  Things like Kickstarter have increased visibility to many folks that would never consider being an “investor”. Crowd funding company Circle Up has stepped into the airline space. Kind of. They’ve announced a partnership with Virgin America where they’ll help fund companies that want to get a product offered on Virgin America’s flights. The U.S.-based airline, which has a minority investment from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, will use […]

News And Notes For Wednesday, December 12th

What’s happening in the world of travel? View From the Wing has a detailed lowdown on new fare choices at American Airlines.  Gary has done an awesome job laying out a ton of detail on the new fares, so I won’t re-cover everything, but I will weigh in on a few key areas.  Essentially, American is betting you’ll buy more ancillary services from them if they bundle them.  I tend to think they’re right. There are 3 categories. Choice, the bottom tier, is essentially what AA offers today.  A la […]