Premier Qualifying Dollars

United Airlines Raises Revenue Requirements Again

The legacy carriers in the US have long practiced a “me too” strategy, piling on what they perceive is a good idea from one of their competitors.  That’s why it was little shock to me any many others when United copied Delta’s recent increase in the revenue requirements for elite status.  Before I share my opinion, here’s the new chart: It’s a flat 20% increase on the amount of money needing to be spent to achieve elite status, or an average of 12 cents per mile flown. I’ll need just […]

Follow-Up: United Premier Qualifying Dollars Post Correctly-Ish On My First Flight

I figured I would follow-up on my earlier post about United’s new Premier Qualifying Dollars after the second half of my flight posted.  In case you missed it, if you want to retain status with United for the future you’ll need to meet certain requirements, like spending a certain amount of money on your tickets or a United credit card (depending on where you live). The first half of my flight seemed to post reasonably well.  Now that my return flight is completed, I can say that my PQDs for […]

It’s 2014. Are You Tracking Your United Premier Qualifying Dollars?

2014 is a less than brave new world in the airline industry.  If you haven’t been paying attention, Delta and United have instituted spending requirements to achieve elite status on an annual basis along with the existing mile/segment requirements.  Since my first United Premier Qualifying Dollars (PQD) posted this week, I figured I would spend a few minutes discussing it to make sure readers were keeping an eye on things. Since the original announcement by United, they’ve dedicated a page on their website to the new updates.  There are a […]