TODAY ONLY: 15 Miles Per Dollar At 15 Stores From United Mileage Plus

The United Airlines MileagePlus shopping portal is offering 15 miles per dollar today only on a group of retailers that most folks will recognize. These aren’t second-rate merchants, and 15 miles per dollar is pretty darn awesome.

Double Miles For Best Buy And Other Good Mileage Deals

The American Airlines Advantage shopping portal has a number of good deals this week, especially one for Best Buy:   You can link to this offer here.  The reason why I’m high on this particular offer is because Best Buy will let you buy things on their website to pick up in their store.  That means if you’re in the market for a large appliance, TV, etc. you can buy the same appliance you were looking at in the store (even purchase it in the store on your smartphone) and […]

United Airlines Shopping Mall Offering Triple Bonus On Nike and eBags Until June 16th

The United Airlines Mileage Plus shopping mall has a couple good deals on Nike and eBags that are higher than I recall seeing. The deals are only until June 16th. Nike purchase now earn 12 miles per dollar instead of the normal 4. eBags is normally 6 miles per dollar but is 18X until the 16th.     There are only a small handful of merchants with triple miles for purchases on the MileagePlus mall right now.  But, if you would otherwise be purchasing something from Nike or eBags, 12 […]

LIVESTRONG Takes Another Hit Today. Time For Me To Step Up.

I make no secret of my support for LIVESTRONG, even despite the bad press over the past year surrounding Lance’s admission of doping. Today was a tough day for LIVESTRONG as Nike publicized it’s decision to discontinue the LIVESTRONG line of gear they produce.  That’s been a significant chunk of LIVESTRONG’s revenue.  I’m not sure what happens now.  I’m happy to see Nike continuing to financially support LIVESTRONG, though I wonder how long that will continue in light of the recent news.  I’d like to think they’ll continue to support […]

Who Wins? I’m Not Sure.

I had decided I wasn’t going to write about the Lance Armstrong/USADA battle, as I’m decidedly biased.  As I’ve written in the past, here and here, I’ve always been on Lance’s side.  I was saddened when he gave up the USADA fight a few weeks ago, and had kinda decided that was my last post on the topic. But, after this morning’s news of Lance resigning from the LIVESTRONG board and the severing of his contract by Nike I felt I needed to post something if only for people to […]