McDonnell Douglas MD-80

American Airlines Gives The MD-80 A Super Send-Off

American Airlines retired the last of their MD-80 aircraft this week. You might be wondering why that’s significant. Heck, for you it might not be. For me, it represents well over 500 hours of time in the air. The Mad Dog and I grew old together in the sky. For one of us, that journey has come to an end.

News And Notes For Thursday, June 13, 2013

A few days ago, Wandering Aramean covered his thoughts on what the new premium seats JetBlue is planning to offer might ultimately be configured.  What’s really cool to me is that they look like they’re going to have a few mini-suites on each flight which would essentially close someone off from the rest of the cabin with a door.  This is currently a feature seen in a handful of international first class configurations but nobody is doing it in the domestic US. I’ll be interested to see how JetBlue ultimately […]