Mall of America

A Good Reason To Collect Points You’re Not Sure You’ll Use

Practice what you preach, I say.  But, it’s not what I actually do.  I always preach collecting points or miles when they’re a good value even if you’re not sure when you’re going to use them. Club Carlson, which represents the Radisson brand among others, announced a reprisal of a pretty awesome promo from last year.  Everyone was talking about it. View from the Wing talked about it, and Mommypoints even stayed up all night to register. The gist of it was stay one night at any property in the Club […]

The Mall-ification Of America’s Airports: 19 Hours in Minnesota

Over the course of my travels I’ve visited a lot of airports.  Over 80 by last count, which still pales in comparison to some people I know.  Included in that number are all of the top 25 US airports by passenger volume.  Well, with the exception of one. MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul) ranks 16th in the most recent numbers I could find.  I’ve never had the occasion to end up there, so I was looking forward to my brief trip to get a chance to see the airport and make a […]