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If you read my post yesterday about some of the humorous epic fails from our trip, you may have gotten the impression that some more time planning that trip would have likely removed some of the self-inflicted road blocks.  The reality is that I need a few more hours in the day to keep up with everything on my plate.  Who doesn’t? While I was on the road in Europe for the last two weeks, I did my best to keep up on blogging as well as reading all the […]

It’s Still Not Too Late To Book Christmas Vacations

Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, if you have school-aged kids, the end of December is likely a target on your calendar for a possible trip somewhere, whether it’s to get to warmer weather, play in the snow or visit family. I got a bit behind in my planning this year.  I’m planning a trip to Disney this fall for our family and two others, and just got done with a whirlwind of summer travel.  Add in surgery that still severely limits my keyboard time and I didn’t […]

Why I Think Hyatt’s Recent Award Chart Devaluation Isn’t Devastating

For those that haven’t heard, Hyatt announced an update to their award chart a few days ago.  Now, updates to award charts are rarely positive.  And, with the recent castration of the United award chart, it’s easy to be on edge about announcements of “enhancements” from your favorite loyalty programs.  But, these Hyatt changes really aren’t that bad.  And, when put in perspective along with other changes like the gutting Hilton did to it’s program earlier this year, it’s hard to get too upset.  But, let’s look at the numbers. […]