Korean Air Skypass

Starwood Preferred Guest Adds An Airline Transfer Partner

Not really sure what happened, but I had this scheduled to post over the weekend and it never did.  Operator error?  Anyway,in case you missed the news…. Starwood Preferred Guest has a valuable loyalty program for lots of different reasons.  They have a slew of absolutely beautiful properties around the world.  Even though they’re not as large as some of their competitors they have properties where you want them.  When I talk to people about Starwood Preferred Guest to people who ask, I use the example that having 5 properties […]

Korean Air Skypass Transfer Unavailable From Ultimate Rewards?

I just logged in to the Chase Ultimate Rewards platform to do some reconciliation and noticed that the Korean Air Skypass transfer option shows as “temporarily unavailable”.  Maybe it’s just a technical glitch, but it’s odd timing considering I don’t recall seeing them as unavailable in the past. The timing is a bit odd considering the recent announcement of Korean Air Skypass as a transfer partner of Starwood Preferred Guest.  Maybe it’s nothing.  I didn’t recall seeing this in the past, but then used that Google thing and found this […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed

One of the more annoying issues with travel is the frequency with which you’ll confront employees of airlines, hotels, etc. that have no idea how their own program works.  No doubt these are big companies with lots of moving parts, but they don’t really spend a ton of time emphasizing good training programs with their front-line employees.  And most of them are reliant on computer systems that were built before I hit puberty.  I always tell people I’m trying to help use miles that it may take multiple phone calls […]